Friday, November 21, 2008

Delaware State and So Much More

I feel incredibly overwhelmed by the events that have happened since my last post and I almost feel like one post isn't going to be enough for this go around. But since it is Friday and I surprisingly do other things besides the blog, you are just going to have to be content with one post.

The most important thing that has happened to me, and strangely enough the most irrelevant thing, is that I have fallen back in love with the greatest band in the history of mankind. Some say Journey can't be a great band because they are supposedly a rock band, yet they sing love ballads (a similar argument is made that Bill Laimbeer can't be a "Bad Boy" because he currently coaches a WNBA team). However, as any "Top Plays" list on any jukebox in America will tell you, Journey is boss. To some they may be softies, but to me they are a well-rounded band that cannot only rock the socks off of the fellas, but can also make the ladies weak in the knees. Need more proof? They also happened to make a music video so good that if it didn't exist, the world would be a much worse place.

As far as the basketball is concerned, we played our first official game last night and beat Delaware State by 28. The crowd at St. John was about what I expected, but the student section was surprisingly denser than what I had thought it would be. Maybe it was because the students needed something to do before they jumped in Mirror Lake. Maybe it was because it was the first game of the year and they wanted to get an early look at how good our team is. A more likely reason is that they wanted to see Club Trillion do what they do best--make it rain in warm-ups (with the occasional board slap) and put up a trillion in the game.

Before you litter my comment section with "Titus you suck for getting a rebound", "You ruined your trillion!!!", and "I find you very attractive and want to get to know you better. Call me", I am fully aware that a rebound ruins the trillion. Even if I wouldn't have remembered, The Trillion Man March reminded me by booing me after securing the ball, which is probably the single coolest thing to ever happen to me in my basketball career. If you were watching the game (and I trust all of you were), the rebound fell into my lap and there was really nothing I could do about it. If I would have blocked a guy out, jumped above the rim, grabbed the rebound, and gave that authoritative grunting noise some players do, then you would have a very valid argument as to why I am committing trillion suicide. But in the end, if I don't grab the rebound that fell right to me last night, I'm probably getting kicked off the team because of the perception that I have the world's worst reflexes. And that would make future trillions definitely unattainable. So I'll take your boos, but understand that there are some rebounds that deserve boos way more than mine.

You are ruining your trillion/career, Martin.

As far as the rest of the Club, let me start by saying Kyle is officially no longer a member. I had previously stated that he would still be a member even though he plays more than Danny and me, but I have since taken back that statement. He is now the first ever alumnus of Club Trillion. This means I'm no longer going to give you a recapitulation (did you know that's what recap is short for? Why does nobody ever use that word? It looks and sounds so much cooler) of what he does in the games. Maybe an anecdote here or there, but no more summaries of his box score.

Danny posted the first official trillion of the year. Not only that, he pulled off what we in the Club like to call a "perfect game", which occurs when one gets the trillion and doesn't even touch the ball in the process. I'll be honest and say I'm a little jealous of Danny at this point, but happy for him at the same time. Anytime a member of Club Trillion gets a trillion, in essence the entire Club gets a trillion, which is really just my way of rationalizing the fact that Danny outperformed me.

In other news, as most of you surely know, last night was the "Jump in Mirror Lake" night for the OSU students, as well as the "deploy our mounted police force and turn our heads when something illegal is going down" night for the police and the "please stop by for fourth meal when you use our restrooms" night for Mirror Lake Cafe. I jumped in my freshman year and have since decided that that was plenty for me, but I still do enjoy going to Mirror Lake and watching the chaos that ensues. But the craziest thing to happen at Mirror Lake last night didn't involve a topless co-ed, an inflatable whale, or an obese man in a speedo. That's because the craziest thing that happened was that on three different occasions, members of The Trillion Man March recognized me and mentioned the blog. These fans used guerrilla tactics to show their love for the blog, making their point and quickly mixing back in with the crowd. I couldn't get a good look at any of their faces, so if you saw me at Mirror Lake and mentioned the blog, thank you for making my night.

Finally, I didn't get a chance to bruise anyone's sternum with a vicious screen, but I did see two #34 jerseys in the stands, one of which I know for sure was due to the #34 jersey counter I established a couple entries ago. Maybe there were more, but I only spotted two. I saw many #20 jerseys, which are presumably for Greg Oden. I don't need to point out the obvious, but I have more career wins, more career three point field goals made, a better career free throw percentage, and a manlier beard than Greg (when I choose to grow it out). If that's not enough to make you set aside your #20 jersey, I don't know what is.

Bone-Crushing Screens: 0 to date (0 last game)

#34 Jerseys: 2 to date (2 last game)

Your Friend and My Favorite,

Mark Titus (#34)
Club Trillion Co-Founder