Monday, December 8, 2008

What Does "Wake Up The Echoes" Mean Anyway?

Maybe you missed it because the game wasn't on real TV (ESPNU? Are you serious?), but we beat Notre Dame on Saturday, who was ranked 7th in the country. Not only did we win on the court, but Brutus beat the Lucky Charms out of the red-haired Peter Pan mascot for Notre Dame in a one armed pushup contest. Notre Dame's mascot did, however, win the "The other 22 hours of the day I'm just another short, red-haired dude" award. Good for him.

The game took place in the fair city of Indianapolis, which is where I tell people I'm from cause Brownsburg doesn't really show up that boldly in any of Rand McNally's work. Let me go on record as saying Indianapolis is one of the nicest little cities in America and is certainly the nicest "apolis." That's right, Minneapolis and Annapolis. I said it and I meant it. My opinion may be a little biased, but I'm the one with the blog, so I make the rules. And Rule #1 is that Indianapolis not only takes the cake, but also eats it a la mode.

We played at Lucas Oil Stadium, which (and many people don't know this) was built to the exact scale of the entire state of Rhode Island. It is honestly the biggest arena/stadium/building where fun stuff happens I have ever seen. It makes me proud to know that every time I bought a bean burrito and complained about the raising of the sales tax, I was contributing money to something useful such as this behemoth of a facility, and not some bonehead plan like improving the quality of life for Hoosiers.

Pictured: Rhode Island. Or one trillion bean burritos.

Because I was back in my "hometown" of sorts, I felt like turning things up a notch during warmups. Instead of my usual board slap routine, I decided to throw it down for the family and friends in the stands. I was fully aware of the fact that it's against the rules to dunk in warmups, but I live my life on the edge and know that sometimes the rules have to be broken in order to give the fans what they want. I was getting up so high that Notre Dame's coaching staff honestly thought that Robin Williams had broken into our locker room and put Flubber on my shoes. I can't really blame them.

Even though I didn't get a trillion, I did score a pretty sweet opportunity on the trip. Larry The Cable Guy was performing at The Schott the day we left and was standing right beside our bus as we were getting ready to leave. Because my love affair with country music and anything involving the word "redneck", someone thought I should be immediately informed that he was standing outside. That someone was correct. I walked off the bus and yelled "Git R Done!" which I realize is incredibly unoriginal and made me probably the 100th person to say that to him that day, but there was really nothing else to say at that point in time. I then talked to him for about 5 minutes, which was a conversation consisting of a gross overuse of the phrases "I tell ya", "gerd deng", and "dem rightchare." The conversation concluded when I said as politely as possible, "Mr. Guy, I have no clue what it is you just said to me. I think I'm going to go back on the bus now. Good talk, though."

Out of every 100 words, how many do you think your fans can understand, Larry?

I love college basketball.

Evan Turner is chillin.

Either Evan is relaxing after putting points on Notre Dame's face or he is in dire need of a jacket. My guess is the former.

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