Thursday, September 10, 2009

Podcast - 9/10/09 - Darren Rovell

The newest podcast with Darren Rovell is now available on iTunes or by simply scrolling down and clicking the play button. I had CNBC's sports reporter on to talk about how we originally crossed paths at the 2007 Final Four, why Twitter is actually pretty useful, and how hard it is to perform on basketball's biggest stage. Also, Darren introduces me to noodling, which is not as disgusting as it sounds but is every bit as awesome as it sounds.

I looked everywhere but couldn't find a picture of Darren pointing at himself with his thumbs. Looks like the thumb pointing streak ends with the Streakmaster, so if you're a fan of irony you can at least be pleased with that.

Darren's blog, Sports Biz with Darren Rovell, can be found by clicking here. Also, Darren's Twitter account, which is more entertaining than anything business related ever should be, can be found here. Finally, you can watch a monkey ride a Segway by clicking here. I think that just about covers all the important links.

The Club Trillion Podcast (new name has been picked and should be revealed soon) now has almost 15,000 subscribers which means either everyone in my family created 3,000 iTunes accounts or the Trillion Man March is awesome. I'm thinking the latter is more feasible, but only barely. Seriously, a big thanks goes out to all of you who continue to listen and continue to lie to your friends by telling them it would definitely be worth their time to check out the podcast. For all of you who are new to the party, you can subscribe through iTunes by going here and clicking on the Subscribe tab.