Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Podcast - 9/2/09 - The Streakmaster

The second podcast is now available for listening or download. We had Jason Gilbert on, who is better known for being's Streakmaster. He and Mark discuss the inner workings of the Streak, how to get yourself into a camera shot you weren't invited to be in, and the desire to be the guy in a Taylor Swift song.

Photo courtesy ESPN/Julianne Varacchi
Contrary to popular belief, Club Trillion does NOT have a "point at yourself if you're on the podcast" picture policy.

As usual comments and suggestions are welcome. Once you get done listening to the podcast, head on over to The Streakmaster's site,, and give it a gander. Also, the Club Trillion group Mark mentions in the podcast can be found here.

We have some more solid guests lined up for the next few weeks, but don't think they are going to replace the blogs. There should be another one up within the next day or so, and the podcasts from here on out should serve as supplements to the regular blogs.

The first podcast had a great debut on iTunes. You can find the podcast in the iTunes directory here, and getting the podcast available for the Zune is something we are going to try and do soon.