Monday, October 5, 2009

Podcast - 10/4/09 - Byron Mullens

I need to apologize. It has been almost a month since the last podcast was published. Many of you probably said "good riddance," but to the 25,000 people who have subscribed to it, I need to tell you that the absence has been unacceptable. And completely Keller's fault.

We ran into some technical problems with the last two podcasts we taped that I'm not completely convinced couldn't be fixed by someone who didn't spend all day taking Sporcle quizzes and playing checkers on Skype. Nonetheless, when combined with basketball and classes starting up, it didn't leave much time to tape podcasts. The first podcast we taped with our old high school friend Drew Storen (of Hagerstown fame) couldn't be salvaged, so we're retaping it, but after a week of puzzled looks at the computer screen, we were able to get this podcast with my old teammate Byron Mullens to finally work.

So pardon the occasional cutting out of my microphone (if anyone has any suggestions as to what's causing it, let me know) and enjoy the podcast, where we talk about Ohio State basketball, Keller's Life and Times of K-Smoove, and the famous BW3's story that inspired half of America to tell me that the third W stood for "weck".

I consider Photoshopping Byron's mustache on myself to be one of life's simpler pleasures

Another podcast should be out within a week or so, and we're working on lining up some really cool guests for the future. If you have any suggestions (that are realistic), send them in and we'll see what we can do. Also, don't forget that October 15th is the deadline to submit your Fan Appreciation week story, so if you've got one and it doesn't suck, send it in to and you might make the cut.