Saturday, October 25, 2008

Scarlet and Gray Scrimmage

Today we had the annual Scarlet vs. Gray (or for our "gey" friends, "Grey") game and to say Club Trillion did their thing would be as big of an understatement as saying Garth Brooks is just an alright singer. Point is, of the estimated 4,000 people there, at least 4,000 of them wanted to see what Club Trillion was going to do next. Here's a recap for all of you who were too wrapped up in whatever it is that goes on during autumn Saturdays in Columbus.

Kyle Madsen (#15)--Kyle chose the un-Trillionite, but still very respectable, route of not only playing, but playing well. Dude had something like fourteen board slaps during warm-ups with at least 3 dunks, and then chose to turn it up a notch during the actual scrimmage. At one point, I literally heard an eldery woman in the stands say, "Kyle Madsen might have the wettest J on the team." This man was flexing his muscles and the fans liked what they saw. Some fans, however, felt as though Kyle sold out from his Club Trillion roots by being productive. In response to these accusations, Kyle said, "I understand the concern, but I want everyone to know that I am committed to the Club Trillion cause. Once a Trillionite, always a Trillionite, right?" Give this man a break, people. He's reaching out for your continued support and just because he was given a little more talent than the rest of the Club, doesn't mean he's all about himself.

Danny Peters (#13)--Danny proved that even though he's known for having what Coach John Wooden used to call "an ill handle", he can still make it rain. Danny ventured over to Kyle Madsen territory by participating in the scrimmage, but since he was forced into the situation, you can hardly be mad at him. He made the most of his unfortuante situation by knocking down a wide open 3 and making thousands of hearts melt in the process. Don't let the school-boy charm fool you folks--Danny Peters will rip your heart out using nothing more than a 20 foot jumpshot and the ability to dribble behind his back.

Mark Titus (#34)--At this point you are probably saying to yourself, "Mark, please tell me you upheld the Club Trillion way of life. Surely you didn't participate in the scrimmage did you? And if you did, don't tell me you did anything productive. My heart simply cannot take it." Have no fear ladies and gents, because yours truly held it down. I spent a majority of the scrimmage talking to two 8 year old kids who told me their names were "Drake and Josh." I called shenanigans on this. The kid who said his name was Josh then decided to claim that his name was "Gake" and I again called shenanigans. I was finally informed his name was "Jake" and since I rarely call shenanigans more than twice a day, I decided to let it slide. So Drake and Jake explained to me that the funniest thing ever would be to put a Sweet Tart in my water bottle. I told them the funniest thing ever could probably be found on YouTube. Jake then told me that he has a locker room pass and I told him I wasn't impressed in the slightest because I have a locker room pass too. And since I didn't see Jake in the locker room after the scrimmage, I assume that this kid is on the fast track to a life of breaking girls' hearts and eventually being arrested for fraud and embezzlement. Anyway, Drake and Jake were some pretty cool dudes who provided me with some quality entertainment, because let's be honest, seeing some of the best amateur athletes in the world can get pretty boring.

Just because I wrote the 2nd blog in this, the 2nd day of operations, I warn you to not get greedy and expect a blog a day. However, feel free to check back everyday and re-read old blogs in case you missed some nugget of hilarity. Also, feel free to comment on any blog. We are here to please you the reader, and any suggestions are not only welcome, but encouraged. With that, now would be a good time to tell your friends how BAMFtastic Club Trillion's blog is. You will probably end up being that cool guy in your group of friends who always comes across the newest and best stuff first. And who honestly doesn't want that?

Your Friend and My Favorite,

Mark Titus (#34)
Club Trillion Co-Founder